Recommended Games for Young Children (ages 2-8ish)


My children (who are 4 and 5 years old) LOVE playing games.  I remember being a child and playing games with family and friends.  It was (for the most part) an enjoyable time for everyone. *I say the “most part” because we have all been at a family/friends game night that went south…like boards-flying-cuss-words-spewing….south.  That’s normal right?  

However, when everyone was on their best behavior game night was a hit!  Snacks, soda, laughter and the most important element was learning how to be a graceful loser and winner. 

Playing a game with a child is the quickest and easiest way to learn how they cope under pressure and how they handle the emotional highs-and-lows that come with playing games (i.e. life).  

Use game time as a way to not only have fun but also teach coping skills and model good sportsmanship.  How a child reacts to you when they play a game is a snapshot into how they interact with others in the world when you aren’t around monitoring their behaviors.  

Enough said…here are some of the games we really enjoy playing at our house.