Music is a powerful healing tool that is often under-utilized in the world of Western medicine.  Listening to music that matches your internal energy creates a kinesthetic connection due to the shared “vibrations.”  Think about it this way.  When was the last time you were really REALLY amped up?  What type of music did you listen to (or thinking back what song would have matched that energy level)? 

I am taking an educated guess here and saying you picked a song that had strong lyrics and a solid base and drum section.  You may have moved your body to the music and shouted out the lyrics at the top of your lungs.

That’s because the music physically validated your body's own internal energy.  Your body is always moving with rhythms and beat. Like your blood pumping through your veins, muscles and nerve endings reacting spontaneously firing off “energy” inside your body.  

Listening to music that matches our internal state brings us peace.  This means when your child is acting like a manic monkey don’t put on sleepy-time music thinking that will calm them down.  You want to pick music that matches their energy and then slowly (song by song) choose songs with less and less power.  

The same goes for you.  Pick music that matches your energy/mood.  Be picky about the music you listen to you...uplifting songs make you feel empowered for a reason.  A song that degrades other human beings don’t usually give that same “warm fuzzy” feeling.  

Below are my lists. I will rotate songs through every few weeks.  Enjoy!

Featured Song

A good lyric can literally touch your soul and heal a wound.  Those words combined with an amazingly haunting melody can do more than that.  That song can heal the wound and then wrap you up in a blanket, bring you a large cup of (pick one) a. Coffee b. Wine c. Beer d. other) and make you feel human again.  Make you feel heard and understood and accepted for exactly who you have a glimmer of hope.  

The featured song does this….and it is my personal message to you.  I look forward to our journey together.  Don’t forget to sign-up for my newsletters! I promise I won’t send oodles and when I do send something you can bet I will try at least once to make you smile/laugh/feel understood and loved.   

Do you have a song that means something special to you? Send it along with a story of why and I may feature it on my playlist!

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