When I was lifeguarding at an inner city pool in my early 20’s I had a group of young men who were dropped off every day and “left” until their parents collected them at closing.

These mates didn’t know how to swim and often started altercations with other kids who came to the pool.  Instead of kicking these guys out for the summer I decided to redirect their negative energy into positive energy.  

I told these kids that IF they came to the pool 1 hour before we opened, I would teach them how to swim for free.  In return, they became my “mini-lifeguards” and would let me know if kids were causing trouble or if the changing rooms needed to be cleaned AND they couldn’t cause any more problems.

I believe in paying it forward in life.  Not only did this group of guys all learn how to swim by the end of the season, but they also gained self-confidence and self-control through increased expectations and responsibility.

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