TV Shows we love!

The experts recommend children ages 2 and under should not watch TV.  Whilst I agree with this statement I am well aware that life happens and we can't always do what the expert’s recommend (myself included). That being said, my oldest was 10 months old when I became pregnant with his sister and I will admit that I did allow him to watch the occasional TV show when I was completely exhausted (*occasional for me meant one 20 min show 3-5 times a week).  I was very picky in what shows I would allow him to watch. I didn’t want anything sexist (the stereotypes start young…you’d be surprised) and shows with minimal visual stimulation.  Below is a list of shows I would allow my children to watch.  

Remember, parenting is about balancing what you know to be good for your child with what realistically fits into your life.  




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